2013 History

UpdatedThursday December 31, 2015 bySean L. Macklem.

League Highlights / Improvements

November - League Name change to Green Bay Area Baseball

September - Edison field.  GB Area Baseball helped Green Bay Park and Rec with funding the replacement of the infield at Edison  field. GB Park and Rec dug up the entire infield, replaced the dirt with new clay and Turface athletic field product to help improve the drainage of the field.  They also re-crowned and replaced all of the grass infield with new sod.  The Pitchers mound was also replaced.
August - Edison field.  GB Park and Rec completely encloses Edison field with new fencing.  The field is now locked up and only accessible by key and approval of GB Park and Rec.
March - Edison, Green Isle and Perkins field.  Yellow fence capping is put on the outfield fencing.