Board Positions

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The League elected officers will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary /Web Coordinator and Treasurer. Board elected positions will consist of Equipment Manager, Chief Umpire, Facilities Director, Area Directors [3] and one at large board member. League elected Officers are elected for one (2) year term and may serve any number of successive terms. President and Vice President will be elected in alternate years as will Secretary and Treasurer.

The positions up for election shall be elected annually at the end of the year league meeting to hold office as of January 1 and until their successors shall be duly elected. The election shall be by ballot with one vote per team (to be cast by the team manager or his designated representative). The Team Manager must be a previously approved coach from the previous season. Any vacancy shall be filled for the balance of the term by majority vote of the Teams at a meeting called for said purpose



  1. President - The duties of the office of the President shall be to (a) preside at all meetings of the League and perform all duties usual pertaining to this office; (b)  assume all responsibilities for the operation of the League, appoint all committees, and supervise the activity of the committees; (c) insure that the League adheres to the rules, regulations and policies of Babe Ruth Baseball, Inc.; (d) attend and represent the League at all state and district meetings; (e) have final authority for all League protests and disputes along with the Area Directors.. (f) To insure that the League has obtained insurance policies through Babe Ruth Baseball on an annual basis and to make sure the Secretary has processed the paperwork for any claims submitted through the Babe Ruth Baseball insurance program. The President and Board will approve and sign off on the final selection of All Star Teams and coaches. The President will also be responsible for background checks on all Babe Ruth league directors and coaches. The President will act as Commissioner of the 14/15/16 year old league
  2. Vice President - The duties of the Vice President shall be as follows: (a) to be the director and supervisor of the 13 Year Old League (b) to compile a list of prospective managers for the 13 Year Old League  and in all respects to supervise the activity of the League; and (c) to act on behalf of the President in the President's absence or incapacity. Make sure spring drafts have been organized and dates set. Attend and represent the League at all state and district meetings.
  3. Treasurer - The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows: (a) To receive and keep all funds for the league; (b) to pay the invoices due from the League in accordance with the Board of Directors recommendations; (c) make a monthly report of the League's financial status and an annual report of all receipts and disbursements.  The Treasurer and President will both sign off on any checks being sent out for payments due.
  4. Secretary - The duties of the Secretary shall be as follows: (a) to keep minutes of all meetings and proceedings and records of the same; (b) send notices for all regular and special meetings; (c) maintain the official records of the League's activities; (d) compile a list of all members of the Board of Directors, managers and coaches; and(e) send copies of all required documents to the state, district and national headquarters. Attend and represent the League at all state and district meetings.
  5. Web Coordinator - Responsible for upkeep of league website.  Collect all scores and highlights from the Teams and submit them to the Web site. Standings and any outstanding highlights are to be posted in the local papers.
  6. Communications director – Keep up to date with league emails passing on questions to the appropriate personnel.  Relaying information to coaches and league parents when needed.
  7. East/West/Allouez Directors - The duties of the Directors shall be as follows: (a) maintain and update all records of team rosters; (b) supervise the League's annual registration and draft procedures; (c) insure player eligibility as to age and residence; (d) prepare a list of all eligible candidates for tryouts; Supervise player draft sessions; and (f) maintain a pool of the players, eligible candidates not selected by draft or late registrations. (g) Securing the fields for each League, Spring, Summer and Fall. (H) Supervise the 13/14/15 year old Babe Ruth tryouts and selection. The Directors will be responsible for upkeep of all fields in their designated areas.  Responsible for scheduling volunteers and teams to work in the concession stand.  Provides league treasurer accounting of concession sales and requests for inventory payments. To compile a list of prospective managers for the 14/15 year old league.
  8. Equipment Manager - The duties of the Equipment Manager shall Offer his services to each league for: (a) maintain an up-to-date inventory of all equipment; (b) recommend in writing the replacement or repair of uniforms, equipment, supplies as necessary; (c) distribute needed equipment to team managers prior to first practice; (d) maintain a file of receipts signed for equipment and uniforms issued; and (e) replace/reissue uniforms and equipment as necessary, track down all-star uniforms and account for same at end of season. (f) Supplying All Teams with Baseballs and score books. (g) Ordering uniforms, and supplies, and (H) Ice packs.
  9. Team Manager – the duties for the Team Manager will be to Develop, teach and practice with his team on a consistent basis. The Team Manager must make his Team number 1 priority over any other baseball organization he or she is involved with. The Manager must supply any school activity schedules and Dates to the Scheduling Coordinator to prevent any scheduling issues. The Manager will provide the Area Director with the Final Team Roster completely filled out on the official Roster form no later than 3 weeks prior to Opening Day. Managers will be responsible for calling the Umpires for Rainouts only. If the Manager needs to cancel a game not due to bad weather he must call the League Chief Umpire for that decision. The Managers will send game results and highlights to the Secretary / Web Coordinator. The Manager will be responsible to follow all the rules of the game and all bylaws. He must make sure his team is represented at all League meetings.
  10. All Star Director - He/she is responsible for locating possible tournaments for Green Bay Area Babe Ruth Baseball teams to play in.  He/she is responsible for coordinating the selection of the All-Star team(s) and Coaches along with the Area Directors.  He/she will stipulate in writing how and when All-Star Coaches and teams are selected.  He/she will oversee the  all-star selection committee for players for each all-star team. [The selection committee will be made up of all the all-star coaches]. Will make sure All Star try-outs and selection dates have been scheduled.
  11. Facilities Director - Is responsible for scheduling of all league games and league tournament. Will make sure all upkeep of fields is taken care of through communication with the Area Directors. Is responsible for coordinating long range facilities goals with the Board of Directors.