2022 League Fundraising Raffle Winners

UpdatedMonday August 8, 2022 byDaniel Spoentgen.

Green Bay Area Baseball sold raffle tickets as a fundraiser. The drawing was held at Joannes
Park during the Senior Wooden Bat Tournament on July 31. Prizes were based on the number
of tickets sold. Sales totaled $13,595.

$10,000 was paid out in prizes which netted the league $3,595 in revenue.

Winners were:

Clancy Hull             $5000
Jim Treptow            $2500
Amy Keller             $1250
Dalton Yewman      $500
Mike Boone           $250
Keith Elsner          $125
Steve Ripp            $125
Danae Verhasselt  $125
Lori Metoxen         $125

Awards were given to the top three ticket sellers.

1 st - James Hill (Black Sheep) $200- Sold 40 Tickets
2 nd - Brady Jordan (Black Sheep)          $100- Sold 30 Tickets
3 rd - Jack Boone   ( American Legion)  $100- Sold 29 Tickets

Also did two $50 awards in random drawing of players who sold tickets. They went to:
Josh Erickson (Black Sheep) and Chase Van De Hei (Black Sheep)
The League wants to recognize the top Selling Team -- The Black Sheep 18U Team
Big thank you goes out to the following who did their part:
14-15U Packers team
Chase Van De Hei (Black Sheep)
Zach Lambert (Black Sheep)
Ashton Guderyon (Black Sheep)
Ryan Lawler (American Legion)